100 Masters

100 Masters.

The Black Country was forged at the hands of men and women from all walks of life who had honed their skills to the highest levels. It was through their craftsmanship and diligence that the region became renowned as the industrial heartland of the UK.


‘100 Masters’ is an arts campaign to identify contemporary skilled people from the Black Country  and help inspire future talent. This year long regional campaign aims to inspire and offer local people a fresh perspective about the strengths, skills, talent and expertise surfacing from their locality and community.


Artist Ranbir Kaur has cultivated a global profile through her work with communities across the world using textiles and floor-based installations inspired by the Indian sand painting art form of rangoli.


Traditionally rangoli are created on the floor in living rooms, courtyards and around the thresholds of buildings celebrating special occasions, like weddings or birthdays, to welcome guests with highly decorative abstract formations. Brightly dyed sand grains, dry flour, beads, flower petals. and sawdust, might be flawlessly pored out to evoke mesmerising spiritual mandalas.


Over the past 29 years, since taking up residency in the UK, Ranbir’s main aim has been to raise the profile of the arts and crafts of Asian Women. Her work within the field of arts and education has helped to encourage a strong sense of identity, self-respect, and confidence amongst the Midlands Asian communities.


As well as working within the West Midlands she’s also taken on numerous prestigious commissions which have seen Ranbir produce a series of installations throughout the UK, as well as showing her artwork internationally in Germany, Istanbul, Australia and South Africa.


Due to Ranbir’s creativity she was given the opportunity to create the largest Rangoli in the World which saw her entered into the Guinness Book of Records.

“A wise man once said, Accept me as I am so I may learn what I can become.”