Weddings & Special Occasions

Rangoli is one of the most established art

form for Mayae and wedding receptions.
Services are offered for Conferences, Anniversaries and other celebrations.

Launches & Events

From history to technology Rangoli can inspire innovative designs mainly created at the launches and events incorporating their Logos to promote business.

Bespoke Wedding Packages

Rangoli is one of the most established art form for Mayae, Wedding Receptions & Mendhi Nights. Tailormade Rangoli Installations are created of your choice.

Education & Learning

Teaching is an important aspect of my work. I have experience of working with a wide range of ages from nursery to adults in schools.

Wall Art & Gift Ideas

Individual canvases with permanent Rangoli designs created using a variety of materials. Ideal for bars, restaurants, presents and interior decorations.

Rangoli Types & Styles

Ranbir Arts provides a wide range of artistic services for any celebration which includes Rangoli Canvases, Edible Rangoli, Environmental Rangoli and Floating Rangoli.

Ranbir the record breaker.

A beautiful creation that entered the Guinness Book of Records.

Artsparks kicked off with the idea of creating the World’s Largest Rangoli. Artist Ranbir created the 163.5 square metre over a two day period using 400kg of rice, lentils, lemons & oranges. read more